Mold Remediation

Mold inspections are necessary to determine what caused the Mold growth and generate a plan to remove it safely and permanently correct the problem. Mold is Hazardous to your Health! We only use the latest equipment and tools to ensure the mold removal or mold remediation is done safely and permanently. We Guarantee it .  Indoor Air Quality Testing identifies and detects all possible dangerous contaminants existing inside of your property that can be harmful to your health.

While Mold could be dangerous to certain individuals in in certain circumstances, most of situations are easily dealt with and over-exaggerated by some companies within the industry. On this page, you’ll find everything from how mold starts, to when to hire a specialist vs. doing it yourself. You’ll also learn about the implications + many other questions we frequently get asked.

For example, finding mold outside your home, such as in composting, producing wines or cheese is very common and definitely not dangerous. On the other hand, finding mold inside your home is a different story as it decomposes building materials, causes allergies and much more.

Mold inside = Bad

Mold outside = Good

Mold growth stems from excess moisture in the house, and when this happens mold starts to grow. Things like a flood, pipe burst, overflow or lack of ventilation are all causes of excess moisture. The key to keeping a home mold free is by not allowing excessive moisture and will guarantee a long-lasting and healthy home. Over the past decade, mold removal technology has evolved so much that companies are now able to deal with some of the most dangerous situations in a matter of hours.

What is mold removal/remediation?

Mold remediation is the process in which mold contaminants are removed without cross contaminate other areas and ensuring the safety and protection of all workers and occupants.

One particularly toxic mold – Stachybotrys Chartarum, or more commonly known as black mold, is extremely dangerous to your health. It releases dangerous mycotoxins that are known to have been used as biological weapons in the gulf war.

These black and sometimes toxic mold can be found in your attic, bathroom, basement, and basically everywhere in your living space that suffered from excessive or sudden moisture.

A successful mold remediation not only remove the contaminants, but addresses the moisture issues that initially caused mold growth. This is very important as mold is caused by excessive moisture on organic materials typically found inside of a house or facility.

Every case of mold removal or remediation is distinctively different by the moisture introduction and associated problems and damage, and it is therefore best to have it done by experts with specialized equipment.

Implications of extended mold exposure

Mold can be extremely toxic to your health and has been linked to several health issues (see our FAQ for more details on this). This is why we provide free mold inspection services to help identify problems as soon as possible. If a mold issue has been identified, an estimate will be provided to go ahead with the mold removal process (this is also known as mold remediation).

By not dealing with this issue immediately, mold spores can easily spread around your house leading to further health issues. For those with known respiratory problems, such as asthma, mold often aggravates the symptoms instantly and for those with young children or immune compromised individuals other exposure symptoms can occur.

Furthermore, the spreading of mold will significantly depreciate the value of your property very quickly since no one wants to buy a home where mold is visible.

We can solve your mold removal problems. This is how:

We identify the type of mold, the source that caused the problem and generate a plan in how to remediate the mold safely and prevent it from ever coming back. of course all our work is guaranteed and upon completion a post remediation testing will ensure work was successful and optimal air quality is established.

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