Foreclosure Cleaning

Foreclosure forces families out of their homes, usually in a last minute rush and under duress. As a result, most foreclosure properties are not left in unsanitary condition. Items are broken and rooms vandalized, often soiled with urine and feces. Not only do you need to haul heavy items out of the home, you also need to ensure that the home isnít damaged in the process and sanitized.

Specifically in the case of foreclosures where removing personal items, debris, garbage, pet odor, hazardous waste and trash left behind by the former tenants from the home and putting it on the market can be quite the task. Foreclosed homes can be a nightmare for banks, realtors, and investors. Advanced Bio Treatment is a highly trained, professional scene cleanup service with extensive experience handling such difficult cleaning. Our foreclosure cleanup teams also handle hoarding, gross filth, death scene, and crime scene clean up jobs.

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Published on: 2017-12-31 (951 reads)

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